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Mr. Sun Lei, the President of REVO: Being a completely different company
Management Theories〗 2014/06/23

Quotation: imagination and creation, is actually a process to build different values. The Sum of differences and values, make an active advantageous position of the enterprise.

Writer / Mr. Sun Lei, the president of Revo Branding Communications Group

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Mr. Sun Lei (Raymond Sun), who is the president of Revo Branding Communications Group, China senior brand studying expert. With many years of brand planning, marketing strategy, integrated marketing planning and implementation experience. He ever served in the multinational and local marketing consulting, as senior management in integrated marketing services company and the title of strategic planning, ever responsible for brand management in China network communication co., LTD.

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From the different point of view, Apple is a company completely pursues difference. They never ask whether it can be or not, but ask whether it should or not. As long as it is should, they'll do it, and do their best.

Therefore, difference should become the company philosophy firstly.

We can see that almost all of the company, it be able to put forward the so-called philosophy. In fact, puts forward the philosophy is just like shouting slogans, it doesn't make any sense for enterprise management. It's just like anyone, may have raised some great slogans and ideals .But how many can be come true?

A completely differences company, put forward the philosophy is the first step to solve the problem. The important thing is to make the idea become a belief, and become into actions. This is the necessary premise of achieving a completely differences. Then, it is the question how to make really synchronization between the pursuit of organizations and individuals.

In essence, pursue of completely difference organization, its entrepreneurs are looking for partners who has same values. Because, you can't change people, you just can choose them. Completely difference organization essentially is not the problem of doing, in fact is to choose people how to do it.

Man's problem comes first, so what is in the second? It is strategy, it is a vulgar statement. It is imagination, this is the view of innovation, the consideration of risk and returns, it is the statement from the point of operation.

In a word, from the point of view of completely difference, as long as the company's core competence has the possibility of creating potential difference value in order to meet consumer demand, the company should be enter the industry, subvert the industry fully change rules of the game.

Actually there is little company can do this, because all of that is about the future and possibility. Future is unpredictable, relative to future development and possible returns, a company which has been able to survive, the more important is to exist and continue. In order to profit as the goal, aiming at shareholder returns. Aim to profit and shareholder’s returns. The aim of a company is the maximum possibility the company can achieve, this is the real goal, and vulgar statement is the vision. And only such a goal can drive the overall difference strategy has a clear and firm premise.

Numerous strategic planning books, numerous consultants with plenty of PPT, teach us how to discuss strategy, express strategy and implement strategy from a rational, quantitative, logic, and framing view. I appreciate this kind of effort, but their methodology, fundamentally, it is completely wrong. Their thoughts are fundamentally static and one-sided. About the future possibility and the consumer heart can only come from everybody’s personal experience. If a company needs to hire consultants for strategic planning, the owners and managers of the company need to admit that they have lost the entrepreneurial spirit.

For true entrepreneurs, they don't need anyone to tell themselves how to do business, that is just like Picasso who doesn't need anyone to tell him how to paint, Beethoven who doesn't need anyone to tell him how to compose music, the true entrepreneur’s all passion lies in how to create high value differentiated products, beat all competitors.

The core strategy of a completely different company always has one; this is product - supply consumers with desired difference value. It should point out two key points in this side, one is continuously consistent, and the other is how to create difference value.

First of all, the strategy is not a plan, strategy itself is a process. If a strategy doesn’t get real and sustained attention and execution, then we can only call it waste paper. For enterprises, forming, discussing and planning strategy are not important to the implementation of the strategy consistently. The sustainability of the strategy itself can be replaced in another word; we think that is the concept which people like to quote "concentration".

Sustainability itself is the concentration. Why we see a lot of strategic plans, elegant texts, wonderful insights, exquisite plans become waste paper and just put on the shelf. It is not the problem of its own, the problem is that most enterprises do not regard consistent actions as a strategy; enterprises think strategy is a plan, after completing the plan, actions are not necessarily to proceed. This is the biggest misunderstanding of strategy concept; it is also a kind of sadness for strategic planning personnel, but it is also the responsibility of the head of enterprise itself.

Second, it is the question of understanding, imagining, creating and choosing, that is the process of making difference value. The value is relative, there is no absolutely value standard. The emphasis is on discovery and imagination. We should explore personal core ability, find the desire of consumers. We should imagine a result, a picture, an image, a situation. Combine discovery and imagination to create the desired result, from a strategic point of view, it is the process of describing and appearing.

Creativity is unlimited, when the creativity box opens, enterprises need to make a judgment, which is the final step; it is also the beginning of implementing the strategy, also the process of realization and delivery.

Why to imagine? How to create? What is the pursue of enterprises? Is it the excess profit? Is it the shareholder returns? Is it the employee well-being? In my latest book "the difference" I have said: all of these don not really answer fundamental questions. What enterprises pursue is actually an active advantage position in any of time. So the logic chain is very clear: products - difference values - active advantage positions - excess profits, high returns of shareholders, employees’ well-being. This is actually a causal relation; the inevitable result of every chain is the beginning of the next link. And then form a thorough positive feedback loop. 

Whether Microsoft, Apple, Virgin, Starbucks, BMW, they all follow this way and achieve a completely different group.

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