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Perspective View on Marketing Services of Big Data Age ? make difference
Branding Theories〗 2014/06/23

“If you love a person, ‘human flesh search’ on him, you will soon know everything about him; if you hate a person, ‘human flesh search’ on him, he will soon lose everything." This sentence describes the power of human flesh search engine precisely; the so-called human flesh search engine is actually an epitome of quoting big data. There is a classic dialogue in the movie A World Without Thieves: "What is the most expensive in the 21st century? Talent!" Now, I'm afraid the option should be added one word: data. But the data is not the traditional meaning, but a very large data; it is large data, mass data, which is now called "Big Data". In 2012, Big data was rated as one of the most popular words in Internet information technology.

In the face of Big Data, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and other IT giants just like finding a gold mine, sparing no effort to dig, roundly promote Big Data concept, scramble for the "head soup". As the prevailing of Big Data, as well as the hidden commercial value of the Big Data, based on the enterprise which in the Chinese market environment, how to make good use of Big Data is the question all China’s enterprises faced with. Finding and accurately finding the pointcut of applying the Big Data is the first point that should be clarified in order to move to Big Data age.

Knowing the Big Data

What is the Big Data?

According to the definition of IDC: big data refers to new framework and technology in order to get valuable information from high frequency, big volume, different structure and type of data in a more economic and effective way, people use it to describe and define the mass data produced by information explosion age, and to name the related technology development and innovation.

Big Data, in addition to the literal understanding, the feature of big volume, it also has the feature of low density value, variety of data types, fast veracity, which has been referred to "4 v". In short, a few years ago, the popular online finding person “human flesh search” is an epitome of big data.

People call 2013 as the first year of big data, but the word "Big Data" is not a fresh word, as early as 1980, this word was put forward by the famous futurologist Alvin Toffler in his "The Third Wave", and enthusiastically praised Big Data as "the brilliant movement for third wave". But until 2009, the word Big Data is gradually popular in Europe and America countries.

Big Data, Big Revolution

In order to bring people a visual cognition, IDC made this estimate, the total amount of global data produced in 2012 is 2.8ZB, equivalent of 300 billion 2-hours’ high-definition movie, cannot be finished even continuously watching them for 70 million years, but it is only a prelude, a bigger wave is yet to come. It is predicted that in the coming years the global data volume doubled every two years, 2020 will reach 40 ZB.

Someone said, Big Data is not just "data industrial revolution," but also a profound transforming of marketing service thought and framework, the major trend of future marketing wave, also a kind of description of the characteristics for marketing service times. Big Data age, it is another blue ocean for future marketing field.

Big data produce big influence, with the advent of the era of Big Data, marketing personnel begin to find the marketing value behind the huge amounts of data resources, formulate personalized marketing strategy, and enhance brand image, improve brand loyalty. At present, the application of precision marketing and finding new market are the most obvious.

First, in terms of precision marketing, by accumulating vast amounts of user data, enterprises analysis of the user's preferences and shopping habits, and even understand users better than themselves. When users surf information through Internet, the enterprise push personalized advertisements or product information aiming at each user's interests.

Buick Regal cooperate with Taobao to launch the marketing activities of "pay for repeatedly beckoning", this is the classic example of using big data marketing. Activities through Taobao user's favorites to show the most popular products to users, and select your most beckoning product, share beckoning story; Listed  core selling points of Regal by the system, select the precise demand, beckoning product is paid by Regal. Through this activity, according to analyze users’ consuming behavior who participate activity, Regal understand which user is the power pursuers, which users pay attention to safety, etc., thus to push different creative advertisements to them in an oriented way.

The second is to find new markets, based on the change of people's income and living standard, Big Data filter which customers’ shopping interest is changed, buying cycle factors and so on, provide a new marketing direction for marketing manager have insight on market and seize economy trend. Also providing timely information feedback for the enterprise to replace new products and update product life cycle, ensure enterprise cost reduce to minimum.

Marketing space brought by Big Data is huge, compared with European and American countries, Big Data development in our country is late for 4 or 5 years, we can say that it is still on the enlightenment cognition stage, and many domestic entrepreneurs think that big data is a kind of technology can only well played by the Internet giants, such as Alibaba, Jingdong Mall, Baidu and Tencent. Thus it can be seen that, marketing services of Big Data in our country is still at exploring progress stage, it is in urgent need of innovation by marketing personnel.

In front of the Big Data, everyone is "naked"

"I just see some women's shoes in Store Number 1, and then more than a week, the internet advertisements are mainly dominated by shoes, my data must be shared." This sentence seems to remind us that precisely push brand information at the same time also means that the security of personal information is gone. Nowadays, network has become a part of people's daily life, but behind it there is always a pair of "invisible eyes" which can observe people's every action all the time, so someone jokingly call "In front of Big Data, everyone is "naked". Thus it can be seen that,along with the waves of Big Data, there is also problem of security risk, personal privacy and information harassment.

Previously, when individual users use the service of financial institutions, the post office and logistics enterprises, they need to sign strict confidential contract with service provider, submit the personal information to the service provider, service provider is responsible to protect personal data; there is a relative clear right boundary between users and service providers. After the coming of big data age, the data protection mode for traditional offline enterprise is invalid, as long as the user to use smart phone, or online shopping, or participate social media interaction, he must deal ownership of his personal data to service providers. More complicatedly, after multiple transactions and multiple intervention of third party, the boundary of personal data right is disappeared, or we can say it is ambiguous.

Taking the online shopping as an example, the users through online ordering, online payment, logistics distribution and other processes, every link involves collection, use and transfer of personal data. When you are use the search engines to search products, search engine service providers and e-commerce platform to import your search information. The contractual relationship between order and payment seems simple, and was shown as the user to sign a contract with electronic retailing shops, but in real life, e-commerce flat can easily get complete and accurate users' personal information by background data monitoring, such as shopping preferences, personal identity and home address.

As writing this, I think of a microblog that ever saw "don't push the coffin advertisements again, previously, I saw the microblog said that the postage of most coffins in Taobao is free, I feel curious and have a look on Taobao, but for a month, every day Sina mircoblog recommend me with coffin, shroud and urn in the ‘popular products recommendations’, give me a chance, can I correct my mistake?" Enterprises push product information in a such way didn’t get desired effect, instead of causing users’ dislike or even hate, how to effectively apply massive amounts of customer information provided by big data, make users accept actively, has become the primary problem that we urgently need to solve.

Make difference, effective marketing

In the face of the business interests and security problems, the dual and contradictory problem brought by big data age, what should enterprise do in the next after collecting and storing all the data? How do they make marketing services for these data? And most importantly, how can they legally and safely to use these data? In the tide of big data age, so intertwined with the marketing, public relations and advertising industry is the cusp in the spring tide, the major companies of this industry are exploring new integrated marketing model, expect to take advantages the trend and ride the wind and waves. Mr. Sun Lei, the president of Revo branding communications group, put forward his view, make difference-- effective marketing.

Make difference effective marketing is a brand promotion way which is reverse traceability, the core is beginning from the demand of the customers’ customers, with the help of high quality media resources, to create real value for customers, effective brand marketing. Mr. Sun Lei thinks, brand marketing can be roughly divided into three levels, first is to do the brand, it is mainly refers to rely on one or two piece of news articles, with a overwhelming way to promote; Second is to do a good brand, through one or two highlight events, combining with the current affairs make news and to promote, including corporate social responsibility, experts BBS, etc., all these is a kind of approach. At present, brand promotion in China still take these two promotion ways as mainstream; third is to do a valuable brand, which is what we want to do, also is advancing now, make difference - effective marketing.

If you resolve effective marketing, on the one hand is to enhance brand awareness for clients, looking for product difference, broaden the market opportunities, create value for clients; on the other hand, abandon cramming information accumulation, emphasize on quality when comes to communication, to meet the needs of every target consumers, make consumers voluntarily and initiatively to pay attention to the brand information, increase brand identity to the customer. Based on this marketing service, ultimately realize win-win-win situation for consumers, clients and brand promotion agencies. Under the big data tide, if you want to accomplish effective marketing, on the execution steps, generally from the following three aspects:

First of all, accurately sift information. Establish a complete information database, take the user in a layer-management way, know the consumer class, consumption patterns, the habit of using media and so on, in order to make sure potential customers and direct target customers, according to the habit of using media, form effective data link.

Second, consult clients’ demands. Take advantage of new media, aiming at target customers, set topic to attract attention, at the same time convey useful information, and establish initial contact. Select high-quality resources in the traditional media to occupy brand information, reinforce consumers’ likeability in a double way.

At last, take the initiative to get information. On the premise that customer get information actively, using new media tools, pushes practical brand information to the customer regularly, truly achieve accurate and effective communication.

This is the Big Data age, it brings not only the data analysis techniques and application of tools to the enterprises and marketing company, more important is to transform the view of regarding market and promotion, truly realize the convey of valuable information, to achieve the effect that users actively get information, achieve the ultimate goal of precise and effective communication. How big the potential of Big Data? How can we get the most benefits? We are all in the groping forward. Both opportunities and challenges are existent, "work out splendid plans to win victories in battles a thousand miles away" in the vast amounts of big data, could the road of make difference create another marketing miracle? Let left the suspense; we will get together again and discuss in the next year.

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