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With the Assistance of Revo, Globe Digital Company Proficiently Manipulate Film and Television Marketing, Opening a New Social Marketing Prospect
Collaborations〗 2014/06/23

How can the social media become the new position of movie marketing? How can the social media cross the boundary and integrate with the off-line activities in order to cause the viewing revelry? As a well-known brand management group who committed to build the core competitiveness in the field of film and television marketing, recently on the occasion that the big movie which is the cute style of Three Kingdoms, "Super Three" is on show, Revo Branding Communications Group made a tailored event marketing add to online and offline integrated O2O communication strategy for film producers, Shenzhen Global Digital Film and Culture co., LTD. (GDC), relying on the general mobilization pattern of online and offline,made waves in niche cartoon movie market for several times, this marketing tactic opens up a new prospect for Revo to further plough in film marketing field.

All Social Media Mobilization, Popular before the Movie is on Show

The bestseller “contagious” interpreted the six principles of proficiently manipulating social media: social currency, inducement, mood, publicity, practical value and stories, if the products and ideas want to rise rapidly in the spread environment which is dominated by social media, you need to include social currency, at same time it is easy to be activated with emotional factors that can  stimulate feelings, of course you should possess publicity and practical value, and covered with a stunt story. Based on the bible of social media, aiming at the comic and funny style of the cute style of Three Kingdoms "Super Three", using an all-around, multi-platform linked network attack, at the same time using event marketing to mobilize the public appetite, make the cute style of Three Kingdoms "Super Three" get strong attention before releasing.

One month away from when the movie is on, Revo takes internet media as communication channel,included Sina, Phoenix, Tencent and other mainstreams portals, Xinhua and GMW and other authoritative media, and animation industry media such as 178 and Mengyu, all these media make advance publicity for the movie, and in combination with popular people in Renren to make earlier period preheating of the movie information, with covering comprehensive positional warfare, inform the public release information in time.

The nature of social media marketing is word-of-mouth, unlike advertisements which in a cramming way to express information, word-of-mouth marketing is a kind of spontaneous word of mouth, due to interesting and valuable communication contents, communication party initiatively to express information to others, this is the logic of the popular for viral marketing. Before the movie is on, Revo release three viral video on social media, the three videos born with cute and funny style, it causes many netizens’ enthusiastic click and forward, raise reminiscence trend of thought among the "Cute Style of Three Kingdoms" die-hard fans. Effectively stimulate emotional resonance between film and the public.

The first principle of social media marketing is "interaction", in order to strengthen interaction, Revo also held the activity "imitation reality show of big movie posters", use microblog sensations and popular models at the tone of to "Super Three " to appear in microblog, attract many people to surround and watch. Driving by the popular people, more netizens join imitation reality show, cute and funny style of the movie is harmony with funny rhythm of activity, promote the movie wins a huge fans group before releasing, make the movie get strong reactions in the fans economy era.

Picture 1: launching of the micro activity

Gather well-known movie critics watching the movie, all opinion leaders commending

Opinion leader is an important field of the social marketing which can’t be ignored; they usually have enough voice in the corresponding field, play a function of wind vane in the "silent majority", so it affects the feeling and service of the product to audience, especially in the field of film and television consumption.

Revo follows the law of "opinion leader marketing", in addition to microblog activities, network news, BBS advertorial, Wechat public number and renren to stimulate people’s attentions to the movie, also gathered professional movie critics and well-known movie critic Jiang Xiaoyu to watch the movie at the first time. Opinion leaders all commend the refreshing funny style of "Super Three" which is the cute style of Three Kingdoms, even more authoritative movie critic regard this movie as beginning work for cute and funny homebred animation movies.


Subsequently, movie critics spontaneously express the viewing experience through Sina microblog, Sina blog, Douban, Mtime and other major portal websites and professional film and television websites, give a high standard of evaluation to the movie, make whole network public praise and grades of the “Super Three” exceed part of the same period the release domestic movies.

Picture 2: movie critics viewing on the scene

Bring in O2O mode to movie marketing, upgrade offline viewing boom

Along with the success of social media, once the movie marketing "troika"--posters, previews, TV advertising, gradually become a supporting role, O2O (online selection service, offline enjoyment service) mode become a new trend of movie marketing. Because the O2O marketing focus on online and offline interaction viscosity, fans can get a better movie viewing appreciation experience, offline activities become a unique skill to detonate box office.

Picture3: the deaf children attending the movie show ceremony

The footing of cute style of Three Kingdoms "Super Three " is unique, use mix network elements, so the film fans are two-dimension group, based on the aesthetic appeal of this group, offline activities planned by Revo mainly focus on beauty strategy, invites the famous "COSPLAY Otaku’s goddess " to play "Huahua god" and have a live show in the cinema, interacting with fans frequently, providing a cheerful viewing appreciation experience, greatly upgrade the heat of viewing the movie.

Picture4: "Huahua god" has a live show in cinema

Taken together, during the period of March 1, 2013 to April 30, Revo takes a step by step approach, plans communications trilogy for the cute style of Three Kingdoms “Super Three”which is released on April, 4, the communications trilogy are: the social network building up the momentum, event marketing pushing waves; Opinion leaders viewing offline, won high praise and spread; Offline activities helping up momentum, fans interaction becoming the box office. Assessment from the communication effect, in the fierce competition of big movies market, Revo not only with the help of O2O marketing accumulated a lot of popularity for the movie, also effectively inspire the connection between the movie contents and fans’ emotion, through combining way of "contents conveying + emotion interacting" give the social network marketing value to full play, provides a useful reference for sharing big movie fans economy.

As the new media constantly encroaching traditional territory which was once ruled by traditional media, even at an overtaking trend to become the important method for brand marketing, as an integral part of the new media, video seemed like important battleground for brand communications agency to implement marketing tactics. Revo marching to the field of video marketing, following social network marketing rules "content is king", devoting to the prospective perspective, tailored the best communications way for partners, the communication strategy for the big movie, cute style of Three Kingdoms "Super Three", embodied Revo’s video marketing advantages, opening a favorable pattern for Revo to push aggressively into film and television marketing field.

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