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The President of REVO was Invited to Attend the 2014 ICOM Global Conference
Viewpoints〗 2014/06/16

    On April 29th, 2014, the three-day ICOM Global Conference perfectly closes in Athens, Greece. As the most authoritative global advertising and communications united organization,the ICOM Conference has attracted representatives from 75 countries. Mr. Sun Lei the president of REVO was invited to attend the conference as the only representative of China region, and further discussed the industry focused question with the global member.

    Revo branding communications group as China's most growing company of PR industry, has been focused on creating valuable brand communication for clients. After six years of dedicated efforts, Revo has developed into a business that more than hundred people, owns many elite teams in Beijing and Shanghai. Now it expands constantly. Since 13 years, the company accelerated business layout, obtain rapid growth in video and new media services. It is reported that Revo branding communication group successfully get the business of Tianan Life, Porsche Design, Global Digital, on the basis of the continuous  increase of cars and real estate, further spread their business to Internet finance, fashion, film and entertainment industries. Meanwhile, as a domestic company which is equipped with international vision was successfully chosen by ICOM and become the member, after that, REVO make connections with the globe, Revo branding communications group embarks on an international information highway which is to the industry information. At the same time, Revo also provides more opportunities for business cooperation and strategic consulting support to ICOM.

    We learned that, ICOM + IN is the world's largest independent network advertising and marketing communications agency, with nearly 80 members, across seven continents in more than 60 countries and regions, covering 95% global market. The predecessor of ICOM + IN - the American Association of Advertising Agencies, founded in 1950. As the authoritative industry organizations throughout world, ICOM has keen insight and deep consideration on global advertisements and market communications industry, the annual general meeting of ICOM is the vane to lead the development of the industry.

    During the ICOM 2014 Global Conference, Mr. Sun Lei the president of REVO has a discussion with representatives from various countries around the world in the terms of the industry focused issue, and proposed a series of innovative solutions. Back from Athens, Mr. Sun Lei the president of REVO, said: "In the future, Revo will increase the intensity of information interaction and cooperation, in the win-win way, contribute to more deeper cooperation in more areas."

    For many years, Revo branding communications group based in China, eyed on globe, constantly innovated, devoted to provide truly valuable service for clients, under the lead of consciousness pioneer, is bound to continuously glow in advertising and marketing communications international stage, as the Chinese representatives.

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